Fees – Miscellaneous

Please use the contact form to make a request.

Ichiban Kuji/AniKuji

  • 500 yen type – 200 yen/draw
  • 600 yen type – 300 yen/draw
  • 800 yen type – 400 yen/draw
  • PLUS prize-specific fee
    • A prize – 2000 yen
    • B prize – 1500 yen
    • C prize – 1000 yen
    • D ~ E prize – 500 yen
    • F ~ lower prize – no fee

Fees for Ichiban Kuji and AniKuji lotteries will be the cost per draw, plus a prize-specific fee that depends on which prize I draw for prizes A through E. The fees may vary based on how many prize levels there are and what the prizes are. I will of course let you know what these fees are in advance so there are no surprises.

Please keep in mind that certain Ichiban Kuji are only available at specific stores, and some places might have a limit on the number of draws. I most likely won’t be able to help get popular ones such as UtaPri or Kuroko no Basket.

Pre-payment is required for all requests. You will be required to pay the cost for each draw and the service fees upfront. The prize-specific fee and shipping costs to you will be calculated and invoiced separately when I’m ready to ship. Most Ichiban Kuji will have choices for prizes D and lower. If there are choices, please make sure to write your preferences when making your request.

Please use the contact form to make a request. It is best if requests are made before the release date.

Event Tickets

The following service fees apply for ticket purchases, and are calculated based on the face value of the ticket.

  • 2000 yen and under: FREE!
  • 2001 – 4000 yen: 500 yen
  • 4001 – 6000 yen: 1000 yen
  • 6001 – 8000 yen: 30%
  • 8001 yen and up: 20%
  • PLUS 500 yen per ticket
  • PLUS 300 yen per ticket for advanced lotteries

Pre-payment is required for all requests. You will be required to pay the face value of the tickets, any system/payment/ticket printing fees, and the service fee upfront. The above fees are applied per ticket. A non-refundable 300 yen per ticket fee is required for advanced lottery applications. In the event I do not get the ticket in the lottery, the ticket price, system fees, and service fee will be refunded.

Notice regarding refunds: Refunds for payments sent as a Personal payment will be returned in Japanese Yen. Refunds for payments sent as Goods will also be returned in Japanese Yen, but the amount should be automatically converted back to your default currency by PayPal.

Tickets will only be shipped by EMS. If shipping within Japan, I will only use Letter Pack Plus which costs 500 yen and requires a signature upon delivery. If you would like to print the tickets yourself at a convenience store, I can provide you with the necessary number and waive any shipping.

I can apply for tickets using the following services:

  • CN Playguide
  • eplus
  • Lawson Ticket
  • Ticket Pia

I may be able to help with any other services, but it must be discussed beforehand.

I do not provide translation services. You are responsible for understanding the terms and the final costs, though I will provide a break-down of the costs when invoicing.

Please use the contact form to make a request.


I can help with other things not listed on this website, such as campaign applications, magazine mail-orders, etc. that are only valid within Japan. For example, sometimes if you buy item A and item B, you can apply to get item C. Fees for such services will be calculated on a case-by-case basis and must be discussed beforehand.

Please use the contact form to make a request.