Fees – Auctions

Please use the contact form to make a request, and make sure there are at least 48 hours remaining in the auction.

The following service fees apply for purchases made through online auctions, and are calculated based on your maximum bid price, plus 300 yen per auction.

  • 1000 yen and under: FREE!
  • 1001 – 2500 yen: 500 yen
  • 2501 – 3000 yen: 700 yen
  • 3001 – 4000 yen: 1000 yen
  • 4001 – 5000 yen: 1500 yen
  • 5001 – 10000 yen: 30%
  • 10001 yen and up: 1000 yen + 20%
  • PLUS 300 yen per auction

Domestic shipping (if applicable), payment fees (if applicable), and shipping to you are separate. The above fees are applied per auction, and the 300 yen fee for each auction is non-refundable. In the event you do not win the auction, only the fee based on your maximum bid will be returned along with the costs related to purchasing the item.

A bank fee of 200 yen will be applied per seller. This will cover the costs to transfer payment to the seller. (Japan loves their fees…) Only one bank fee will be applied if multiple items are won from the same seller.

A separate 300 yen charge will apply for orders that must be paid by COD.

If you win the auction for less than your maximum bid, the difference will be refunded. However, the service fee will be applied to your maximum bid amount and not the actual amount you win the item for. I may partially refund the service fee if your max bid was significantly higher than the final auction price, though the amount will be determined at my discretion.

Notice regarding refunds: Refunds for payments sent as a Personal payment will be returned in Japanese Yen (PayPal fees may apply). Refunds for payments sent as Goods will also be returned in Japanese Yen, but the amount should be automatically converted back to your default currency by PayPal.

You may choose the shipping method used between the seller and me if they provide options, but I will not be responsible if anything happens to an uninsured package. (The postal and shipping service in Japan are quite reliable though so the chances of anything occurring is very slim.)

Pre-payment is required for all purchases. You will be required to pay the cost of the item(s)/your max bid price, domestic shipping (if applicable), bank fee(s), and service fee upfront. Shipping costs to you will be calculated and invoiced separately when I am ready to ship to you. Any differences between your max bid price and the actual winning bid price will be used towards shipping and the remainder refunded.

I can help bid on the following services:

  • Yahoo! Japan Auctions
  • Rakuten Auctions

I may be able to help with any other auction sites, but it must be discussed beforehand.

I do not provide translation services. You are responsible for understanding the terms of the auction and the final costs.

Please use the contact form to make a request, and make sure there are at least 48 hours remaining in the auction. This is to give me enough time to reply back to you and for you to make payment. Your payment will be refunded in full if I am not able to put in a bid in time.