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2014/09/01 – Kayla, United States

An excellent proxy service! Communication was quick and Mew was always very friendly. There are many shipping options to choose from. My items were ordered from the store and shipped to me very quickly. I will gladly be using crosswithyou in the future! Thank you 🙂

2014/08/10 – Fresi, Spain

This is the third time using CWY and Mew was great as always. All the process went smooth and the package arrived safely at home without a problem. Her replies are fast and she is always helpful and efficient. Thank you!

2014/07/17 – Fresi, Spain

It’s my second time ordering from CWY shop and everything went great, like the first time I ordered from Mew. She was fast, the communication was great and the items arrived safely 😀

Thank you very much!!

2014/07/02 – Lindsey, United States

One of the better proxies I’ve used! Communication was great- Mew’s replies are always thorough, prompt, and friendly, and I was always kept well-informed of the order process. She also let me add an item that was sold out at the time before submitting the order, which was super nice of her. The items were shipped very quickly after they arrived at her place, and reached me in excellent condition. I would definitely recommend her service!

2014/06/29 – Toni, Germany

This was my first time using CWY and I was definitely satisfied.

During my order, I had quite a few requests, but Mew was very accommodating and helpful regarding them and responded in a quick timespan. She also undervalued, marked as gift and packed my order well.

So if you’re looking for a proxy with great service and some of the best fees, then you’ve found it. I’d say it’s definitely worth giving her a try.

2014/06/18 – Ouidad, France

Everything arrived safely after failure delivery from my postal office, it went back to Mew, she helped me getting pictures of the package to fill a claim and shipped the package again to me and it arrived safely this time, thank you!

2014/06/10 – Anna, Estonia

This was my first time ordering via Mew and I couldn’t have asked for a better service. She placed my order really fast and shipped it to me as soon as she got it, plus she doesn’t overcharge on shipping fees. The package arrived at my house securely packed and intact. Thanks, Mew!

2014/05/12 – Yaiza, Spain

This was my 1st time buying stuff with Mew and she was really polite and good. All super great and perfect!

Will definitely buy again with her!

Thank you for everything! ^^

2014/05/07 – Julie, Canada

CWY is an excellent proxy service. Mostly, I was very pleased with the level of communication I received. Responses were both quick and friendly and Mew was also quite accommodating of my requests. My items were well-packaged and arrived in great condition. I would absolutely recommend CWY’s services to anyone and will definitely be using it again in the future.

2014/04/25 – Claris, Indonesia

This is first time using CWY, and third time using proxy. Great service, trustworthy and very recommendable proxy >0<

Mew replied the order quickly and even my questions (that some maybe a little annoying :D)
The items are really well packaged and shipped quickly.

2014/04/24 – Robin, The Netherlands

Crosswithyou is the first proxy I’ve ever used,  but from what I’ve seen and read about other proxies, I can tell that the fees are great here.

When I made my order, I got an immediate response back. Communication was very smooth, and Mew was very kind and quick to respond to any questions I had. Payment went very smoothly without any problems.

After arriving at the proxy, Mew immediately let me know, giving me all shipment options & costs. She shipped the items out to me the very next business day using SAL, as I requested. All the items arrived 2 weeks later, very well and safely packed.

Overall I can certainly say I’ll be using CWY again, and I’d certainly recommend it to others as well.

2014/04/22 – Mir, United States

Cross With You is an absolutely amazing proxy service; I’m extremely pleased with the quality of my product’s handling, and with the communication and customer service. I will definitely recommend you and I will most definitely be using you in the future for anything I need a proxy for. Thank you so very much!

2014/07/17 – Fresi, Spain

I got the package and everything went great (and fast). Thank you very much!!

2014/04/14 – Lin, Singapore

My first order with Mew went smoothly and great!  She is really fast with answering enquiries and very helpful. I love how the e-mail exchanges are more personal and friendly compared with the other proxies that I’ve requested. If anyone needs help with ordering stuff from Japan, I’d recommend CWY :))

Keep it up!

2014/03/14 – Rita, Portugal

Been using Crosswithyou proxy services for almost 6 months now. This whole time the service was superb. The person in charge on CWY proxy is very nice, honest, worker and very helpful. If you seek a customed service and if it’s your first time looking through japanese shop sites/auctions. CWY it’s a great start, they are very attentive and never forget the fact they reply super quickly our questions   If it isn’t your first time, go check them out, be sure to check CWY proxy due the reasons I listed above

2014/01/31 – dymitr, Netherlands

Great service, recommendable to all.

Mew contacted me quickly after sending the request. After a smooth PayPal payment the items were ordered. Then when the time came to ship the lot I was provided an ample of shipping methods, both registered and unregistered.

The service didn’t stop there. Mew was even kind enough to undervalue, which for us Europeans is. A necessity. Items arrived within a week well packaged and undamaged.
My new go-to proxy for all my doujin needs =3

2014/01/23 – TN, Australia

Mew is always fast at replying and keeps you completely up to date with your order and the costs, and is always happy to answer your questions.

The item was packaged very carefully and came in perfect condition, which helps a lot when your local postal service abuses the cardboard box like mine did!

If you want a great personalised proxy buyer, Mew is definitely the person for it.

2014/01/17 – Kimberly, United States

Ordered a Natsume figure and DVD that could only be bought through mail order in Japan. Items arrived safely and quickly, plus I was given a little something extra.

Thank you very much

2014/01/16 – Louisa, United States

Great service and communication. Items were well-packaged and everything went smoothly. Will use her service again! ^^

2013/12/15 – Caroline, France

It was my first time using CWY as a proxy and it went perfectly. Mew answers very quickly and provides a personal service. She’s very helpful even with annoying people like me (^.^)’

The item is bought quickly and the package is great 🙂 It arrived safely and quickly without a scratch. I would definitively recommend CWY as a proxy!

2013/10/22 – Amy, United States

First time using CWY and it’s definitely been the best proxy I’ve used so far! Mew replies fast and gets the items bought quickly!

She didn’t mind holding onto a package for me to combine with another one coming, and when there was a worry about one item possibly damaging the other during shipment if combined, she informed me about it with a possible solution!

The items arrived undamaged, in perfect condition. Will definitely use this proxy again, I’ve already recommended her to someone!

2013/09/17 – Cathy, Canada

This was my first time using a proxy and it was definitely not a painful experience due to all the help and fast replies that Mew provided! Item arrived in great condition as well. Glad that I found her!

2013/09/08 – Estela, United States

I’ve only used big proxies and they have been all right experiences but Mew provides a personal service that many other proxies lack. Mew is very helpful and keeps me up to date on the ordering process. The fee prices are fair and it really makes me happy that I found her website. The packaging is great and the items come in perfect condition because of it.  Whenever someone asks for a proxy I’ll be sure to link to this website!

2013/09/05 – A, Romania

After some rather confusing and definitely not cheap experiences using middlemen years ago, I’m glad I could now find someone trustworthy and fast who made this process not look like a big headache. That is why I can only appreciate and recommend Mew’s dedication and friendliness and say with certainty that she puts to shame other, bigger proxy services.

Thank you once more for your help and for proving I can count on you in the future!

2013/09/03 – Kat, Australia

My last minute C84 order went better than I could’ve expected, there were no unexpected fees, regular contact was kept and Mew was honest with me the entire time.

I’ve already suggested her to a few people and I’ll happily continue to do so!

2013/08/14 – J, Australia

This was my first time using CWY proxy service and I have nothing but positive feedback to give. I very much appreciated that Mew registered at the store I requested to buy things from to get my items.

In a nutshell: very reasonable fees, quick replies, very helpful and secure packaging. Thanks again Mew, I’ll certainly use your services again.

2013/08/04 – MB, United States

I’ve tried a ton of proxies, but this is definitely one of the best, if not THE best, I’ve used. Mew is really helpful, and fast too! She buys items quickly, replies to emails quickly, ships items out quickly, and has great rates to top it all off.

I’ll definitely be using this service again and again, and I would recommend others to do so as well!

2013/07/08 – Ashley, United States

Despite being a small business, I’ve gotten the best, most personal service from here. Mew is super nice and replies to emails within 24 hours if not within a few hours.

She was able get me items that other proxies either refused or were unable to get, which is a great plus. I also really like how she is willing to personally communicate with sellers if needed.

My items were securely packed and were shipped quite quickly.

For some of the cheaper things, CWY is the cheapest proxy. It may not be the cheapest proxy for more expensive things, but I think the great service makes it worth it.

I recommend Cross With You 100% and I hope your business flourishes, Mew.

2013/05/03 – Leah, Canada

I was able to purchase an item other proxies were unable to get. Great and fast communication. The item was sent out quickly and arrived in perfect condition. A wonderful service and I highly recommend it to others. Thanks again so much!

2013/02/08 – harlgrass, Malaysia

I’ve been using CWY proxy service for many years (3 years i believe) and the service has been consistent. The reply is fast either in few minutes or within 24hours. The service covers variety of shops from personal site to rakuten auction.

It always pleasant dealing with Mew she is very helpful especially in rummaging through in Japanese website, in recent deal I would have missed the item if she hadn’t told me that the item wasn’t sold out but was actually being restock.

Overall I’m a satisfied customer, and will continue using CWY service =).