Monthly Archives: May 2014

Temporary break

Hello everyone! I’m going on break now until early June. Orders have started to pile up and next week I’ll be back home in the States for a couple weeks. I want to get everything shipped before I go back.

See you next month!

Fee calculator added

The fee calculator I mentioned earlier is now up and running! Use it to estimate the service fee and upfront costs for online store and auction requests! It can only handle simple requests though so it won’t be accurate for all types of requests (eg. physical store requests), but it should help give people a good idea of what costs will be.

The issue with the clock on the sidebar has been fixed.

I updated some information on the fee pages to reflect my move to Tokyo and also bank fees required for auction payments. A bank fee of 200 yen will be applied per seller for auctions to cover the costs to transfer payment to the seller. Seriously, Japan loves their fees… They even make you pay to withdraw money from your own bank’s ATM if it’s after hours! ~_~

Anyway, check out the new fee calculator!

EDIT: Fixed a small miscalculation for the upfront fees when sending payment as goods/services. Also added a currency converter to the sidebar. Rates are taken from Yahoo! Finance and updated twice daily.

Upcoming break

Hi everyone! Just a heads up that I will be visiting family back in the States from May 22 until June 6 so I won’t be able to take any requests slightly before and after this period. You’ll know if I’m currently taking requests or not by looking at my contact form where I have a status indicator.

Also, it seems that the clock shown in the sidebar is slow by 26 minutes. It might have something to do with the server time. I’m currently inquiring with my web host about that and hope to have it fixed soon.

I’m also trying to work on getting a fee calculator for online store requests and auctions. Once that’s up and running it should be more easy for everyone (including me!) to calculate the upfront fees. =)