Emergency closure

Hi everyone. Sorry but I need to close orders for a while. My grandfather passed away and I’ll need to fly back to the States for the funeral. If you’ve already placed an order with me, I’ve likely received it but haven’t had the chance to check. I apologize for the sudden closure and will try to get orders I have shipped as soon as possible, though I may have to fly out before I get the chance. I appreciate your understanding. Thank you.

Happy new year!

Hello everyone! Happy new year!

I’m sorry for my long absence. I switched jobs and unfortunately am no longer to¬† go to the post office as regularly as I would like. As such, I’m sorry to say that shipping will likely take a bit longer than before. I have added an acceptance checkbox on the contact form to make sure that everyone is aware that my service is not to be used when in a hurry. You will not be able to submit the contact form unless this box is checked.

Requests have been re-opened. I apologize in advance for any shipping delays but hope that many will still find my service helpful.


Sorry for the long wait. I tend to like to unwind after a trip. ^^; Requests are open once again. Just FYI that I’ll be back in the States again for close to a week and a half in August so during that time I won’t be able to take requests or ship pre-orders that release at the same time.

Upcoming temporary closure

Hi everyone! I just wanted to give the heads up that I will be¬†traveling back to the States from May 21 until June 2 so I won’t be able to process requests during this time and a few days before May 21. Any pre-orders that arrive during those dates will be shipped after I get back.

The contact form will be updated later to show that requests are closed.


Temporarily closing requests [Updated 2/28]

I’m closing requests temporarily to ship out a small black log. I can continue to take requests for pre-order items however since they wouldn’t need to be shipped right away.

For those who have open requests with me, I’ll get back to you soon with your shipping costs!!

[ Update 2/28: Requests are open again! ]